How To Get Strong Fingers For Kung Fu

So you want to learn how to get strong fingers for kung fu? Getting stronger fingers will take some diligence and a little pain. With kung fu, be prepared to bear the pain, which is only a state of mind.

To get stronger fingers for kung fu, you will need:

  • a wall
  • bucket
  • rocks
  • the floor/ground
  • wood block
  1. Fist push-ups – Have you ever tried to do push-ups with your fists? It's not an easy task but this exercise might impress people with your strength, as well as strengthen your fists.
  2. Punch the wall – You think I'm kidding, but I'm not. Punching the wall, or any hard surface will help strengthen your knuckles. Be sure to put your hands in a tight fist and punch the flat side of your knuckles while tucking your thumb to the side so that it's out of the way.
  3. Punch a bucket full of rocks – The pain threshold of this technique will be much greater than punching a wall, but that's what Bruce Lee did. If you want to learn from a master, imitate him! Bruce Lee did this over 500 times a day. This exercise will toughen your mind and toughen the skin of your fists as well.
  4. Punch a block of wood – Punching a block of wood is a popular kung fu trick that impresses the average laymen. In actuality, the physics of punching a block of wood is very plausible, so that anyone could likely do it. Get over your mental blocks and you could be punching wood blocks like a pro. The trick is to keep your kinetic energy moving and punch through the board rather than stopping at the point of impact.

Be sure to start out slow. Try 25 repetitions of each exercise to start out, and increase your repetitions once a week to add intensity. While these exercises aren't easy, they will definitely strengthen your fingers for kung fu.

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