How To Get Strong Hands

Men who want to learn how to get strong hands without resorting to hard, physical manual labor will find that there are many simple hand exercises which will produce the same results over time. There are a number of expensive commercial products on the market designed to increase hand strength. These hand exercises are designed to help get strong hands without expensive equipment or long time commitments.

Use Simple Hand Exercise to Get Strong Hands

  1. Begin with a simple hand and wrist warm up. Touch each finger to the thumb, one after the other, repeatedly as quickly as possible. Do this ten times followed by making ten tight fists. Next, rotate the wrists ten times in both directions.
  2. Squeeze a purchased hand grip an equal number of times with both hands. Continue until resistance is felt in the muscles. The number of hand grips accomplished should increase over time.
  3. Squeeze a tennis ball throughout the day in between other activities. A tennis ball is small enough to carry and have while sitting at a desk, during lunch breaks, while watching television or while waiting in line at the grocery store.
  4. Tug-of-war with a piece of rope. Obtain a strong piece of rope, one to two feet in length. A kitchen towel or strong piece of cloth will also work. Grab onto each end of the rope or cloth, one end in each hand. Pull each end in an opposite direction, gripping tightly.
  5. Keep fingers flexible while increasing hand strength. Gently place hands on a flat surface – desk, table, chair, or legs. Lift up the palms of hands while keeping fingers flat on the surface.
  6. Place the hands, palms together in front of the body, wrists bent and elbows out. Push hands against each other with as much strength as possible. Hold this position for five seconds then relax muscles and repeat.
  7. To effectively get strong hands, repeat the hand exercisse a minimum of two to three times daily, at least five to ten minutes each.

 Tips and Suggestions for Using Hand Exercises to Get Strong Hands

  • To get strong hands, follow the above hand exercises daily.
  • The amount of time it takes to get strong hands depends greatly on the amount of time spent each day practicing the exercises, as well as physical hand strength prior to beginning.
  • Setting a daily schedule to work on hand exercises will greatly increase success.
  • To prevent hand strain, a hand exercise schedule should start out minimal and gradually increase over time as hand muscle strength is built.
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