How To Get Stronger Erections

Wouldn't every male like to know how to get stronger erections? A man's penis becomes erect when it is blood engorged. If you are going to have an erection you might as well have the strongest erection possible. The stronger the erection the stronger your orgasm will be. A strong erection will also impress your partner. This list will provide you with tips to get your erection as strong as a diving board.

You will need:

  • Yohimbe bark 
  • Tribulus terrestris
  1. Do kegal exercises. Before using anything to help you get a stronger erection you need a good foundation. Kegal exercises will strengthen your PC muscle. The PC muscle runs from your pubic bone to your tailbone. You use your PC muscle when you are holding back urine or a bowel movement. You also need a strong PC muscle for stiff erections. To strengthen your PC muscle, squeeze your rectum like you are trying to pinch one off, hold it for ten seconds and repeat as often as time allows. Do kegal exercises wherever you are, no one will know you are doing them. 
  2. Take Yohimbe bark. Yohimbe bark is unmatched for delivering blood to the penis for strong erections and preventing it from leaving until you ejaculate. Yohimbe bark will also boost your energy, which will help you in the stamina department.
  3. Tribulus terrestris. Tribulus will aid your testes in producing testosterone. If your problem is testosterone, tribulus will raise it to high normal levels and help keep it that way. More testosterone means rock hard erections.
  4. Stack Yohimbe with Tribulus. You can safely stack these two herbs for a rock hard erection every time up. Buy these herbs separately and stack them yourself.

Do not skip your kegal exercises, they are very important. You will find that these herbs work great for strong erections and may want to skip on the exercises. You don't want to rely on herbs alone to get strong erections, you want them to enhance what you already have. Yohimbe bark can make you jittery, so start with half the recommended dose, especially if you are under two hundred pounds.

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