How To Get A Stronger Punch

How to get a stronger punch is simple, yet will require consistent effort and practice. Being able to punch is not always enough, but having a stronger punch can be beneficial for self-defense and also a great confidence booster.

  1. To get a stronger punch, you should focus on developing the key muscles used in punching. Not sure what they are? Surprisingly, punching involves a lot more muscles than just those in the arms. Lunges and squats, as well as calf-raises, will help develop your leg muscles which play a vital roll in balance and punching force. Crunches and back exercises strengthen the core muscles which help get you a stronger punch as well as provide added protection to vital organs. Push-ups, pull-ups, and a variety of upper-body exercises, with or without weights, will help protect your bones and make your punches stronger as well.
  2. Practice is essential for getting a stronger punch. Muscles are no good if you cannot use them properly. A stronger punch is used for sparring, boxing, or self-defense, perhaps, and most targets do not stand still, and they almost always hit back. Practicing your punches on a heavy bag will help develop the muscles further, allowing you to punch stronger, harder, more accurately, and with less pain or risk of injury. Additionally, sparring with a buddy can help your coordination and let you know, by his reaction, that your punches are getting stronger.
  3. Use your whole body when punching to get a stronger punch. By shifting your weight, pulling your shoulder back and allowing it to follow through with each punch, as necessary, and also rotating your hip to put more force into your punch will all combine to make your punches stronger.
  4. Focusing your mind can also help improve your punches. Though it may not directly make your punches stronger, it can help you deliver your punches more accurately, faster, be more coordinated, and allow your body to put more force into each punch which will essentially help you get stronger punches.



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