How To Get Stronger

Learn how to get stronger to lift heavier objects, impress women, show off to friends and family, wrestle and more. Some men are discouraged from getting stronger, because they do not know how to start a good strength lifestyle.

  1. Begin a workout routine. The best workout routine will cover three areas of body strength: cardiovascular, muscular strength and flexibility. Incorporate these into a workout routine by running, lifting weights and stretching daily. Remember, start off a workout routine with stretching to warm-up the body and prevent muscular injuries.
  2. Set realistic goals. Avoid setting goals that are unattainable. If someone sets a half-baked strength goal, he will quit his strength lifestyle sooner. Set a realistic goal by knowing how much exercise the body can handle per day, the type of food it needs and the time available for strength training. A good goal can motivate the mind and body to work hard everyday, and will help a man learn how to get stronger.
  3. Eat healthy. The best strength comes from a healthy body. Eat fish, lean meats, whole grains such as brown rice, fruits and vegetables. Drink approximately nine eight ounce glasses of water per day, and drink low fat dairy products. Remember, do not became too strict with the diet. It is alright to eat a cheeseburger, drink beer and have a piece of cake sometimes.
  4. Get plenty of rest. Avoid sleep depravation by getting between seven to nine hours of sleep per night. Sleep gives the body time to renew worn out muscles, rest the mind and store energy. Losing sleep will make a man feel irritated, stressed and tired; being a a bad, sleepy mood is not good for gaining strength.
  5. Workout with a strong friend. Pick one of the strongest friends to workout with at the gym. Stay motivated to gain more and more strength by watching someone stronger workout. Watching someone lift more weight, run faster and look more muscular will give a competitive edge to a strength routine.



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