How To Get Surfer Hair

Whether or not you’re on the beaches of Santa Cruz, the California style is always in, so here’s how to get surfer hair.

  1. Make a Plan. Look online for a picture of your ideal surfer hair. Remember that you can’t drastically change the way your hair is–curly to straight, brown to blonde–without additional work. Changing the basics of your hair is usually labor-intensive and it’ll be hard to capture that casual surfer look if you spend an hour each morning working with your hair, so look for a photo of a surfer dude who has hair similar to yours.
  2. Grow It Out. There may be some awkward hair days in your future before you successfully have a surfer ‘do. Surfers keep their hair longer than most traditional guys’ cuts, so let your hair grow out to your chin. The bangs need to be at least long enough to put behind your ears. Keep in mind the stylish haircut you’re aiming for as you brush your hair out of your eyes for the ten billionth time. Pain–and, in this case, annoyance–is beauty.
  3. Get It Done. Print out your surfer dude photo and take it with you to a hair stylist. Make sure you go to someone who has done a surfer haircut before or who has tons of experience. The basics of the haircut are to have the bangs just long enough to tuck behind the ears and have all the hair ends in a slightly zigzag cut.
  4. Style It. While surfer haircuts ultimately should be easy to upkeep, having some product on hand is useful. If you currently use product, you’ll probably want to use the same stuff. Find something to control your hair just a little bit if your hair tends to be wild or something to liven it up a bit if your hair tends to be dead. Remember that you are going for a casual look, so don’t buy product that is going to take you more than a few moments to apply each morning.
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