How To Get The Surfer Look

Surfers are always hanging out on the beach with beautiful women in bikini’s, so it is no wonder that a lot men ask how to get the surfer look. If you ride the waves regularly or just want to look like you do, follow these simple steps to learn how to look like a surfer.

  1. Head to the beauty salon If you want to look a surfer you must have gorgeous beach hair. The surfer look includes long wavy locks that are kissed by the sun. If you have brown or blonde hair have it highlighted bright blonde. If you have dark brown or black hair you may want to opt for having your hair completely bleached blonde. Do not try doing this at home. Trying to make dark hair really light should only be done by a professional to avoid a orange or bronze hue.
  2. Curl your Hair If your hair is long enough, before you go to bed take damp hair and roll it up in pin curls. This is done by twisting small sections of hair and wrapping the twisted hair into a tight circle and pinning it against your head. When you take the bobby pins out in the morning you will have wavy locks.
  3. Spray on a tan Surfers are tan from spending hours out in the sun. But spending all those hours unprotected in the sun’s rays may be very dangerous. Instead opt for a spray on tan. These tans, available at spray on tanning centers all over the country, are considered the safest way to tan. This will allow you to get as dark as you want without risking your health.
  4. Get out to the mall To look like a surfer you need to have the right threads. A very popular look for surfers is a pair of board shorts and no shirt. If you want to accessorize a little bit a cool hemp or shell necklace will look nice against a tan body.
  5. Put on your flip flops A pair of flip flops is the perfect finish to a surfer look. If you want to look like a surfer but don’t like beach shoes a pair of low converse tennis shoes would look good also.

Make sure to look on the Internet to find out some surfer lingo. That way if someone comes up to you and says “Brudda, the big kahuna just pulled off a hang ten on a hollow”. You will know that he means “Brother, the best surfer on the beach just hung all ten toes off his long board while in a cylindrical wave”. If you can look like a surfer and talk like a surfer then maybe some Betty’s will believe you are a surfer.

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