How To Get A Tantric Orgasm

You know you're wondering how to get a Tantric orgasm. The thought brings to mind Kama Sutra flexibility and mind-bending orgasms. That is partly correct. Tantra can lead to multiple orgasms for both men and women because it focuses on channeling and releasing the body's energies in a very controlled and meditative manner. Tantra is a practice of sacred sensuality, but practitioners like Dr. Judy Kuriansky, author of "The Idiot's Guide to Tantric Sex", say the benefit of a Tantric orgasm can be had by anyone willing to learn, regardless of sexual positions used. Apply the teachings, and with practice you can learn how to get a Tantric orgasm.

  1. Learn to feel your physiology. Feeling a Tantric orgasm is not necessarily linked to the act of ejaculation. One of the first steps in learning to have a Tantric orgasm is learning how to separate the physical muscle contractions of ejaculation from the neurological feelings of orgasm. They are actually physiologically separate. This is why multiple orgasms are possible and why delaying ejaculation or climax can make an orgasm so powerful when you do finally have one. By yourself, learn your body's signals. Become familiar with what your body feels like when you are about to climax, and learn how to stop yourself from ejaculating. Practice bringing yourself almost to the peak and then backing away from the sensation. Do this several times by yourself and with a partner.  
  2. Learn to control your breathing. Tantra, like any other Yogic practice, has much to teach about sacred breath. Tantra uses controlled breathing and visualization to deepen and prolong the sexual experience and make it both spiritual and transcendent. When you have mastered holding off orgasm, practice controlling your breathing during sex. Breathe in slowly through your nose and fill your abdomen completely. Pause, then breathe out fully, pulling your abdomen in toward your spine. Do this with your eyes closed and focused on your "third eye," which is centered just behind your brow.  Now open your eyes and focus on your partner as you do this. Let your awareness become deep and translucent. Practice holding on to this otherworldly awareness as you make love.  
  3. Let go of control. Practice holding off your orgasm while you work on your breathing. Do this as many times as you like. Finally, when you are ready, give yourself over to orgasm. You may find this happens organically as your feelings build up to a natural, overpowering, release, or you may choose to climax when you feel it is right. A Tantric orgasm, similar to a G-spot orgasm, incorporates your entire being. It radiates outward from your center, pulsing, overwhelming your senses. It can bring dormant emotions to the surface. Don't be surprised if you feel tender or vulnerable. Share these feelings with your partner, and you'll experience a closeness you may have never experienced otherwise.


  • Don't get discouraged. These methods take time and patience to perfect. You'll just have to keep having more sex until you get it right.
  • Listen to your body's signals. If something feels too uncomfortable or hurts, stop or change what you're doing.
  • Let your partner know what you're trying to accomplish. Work together toward mind-blowing orgasms.
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