How To Get A Tattoo License

Learning how to get a tattoo license will require research on local laws and regulations. Much like any business, you will need to obtain a tattoo license before you can open the doors to your tattooing parlor. In addition to a regular business license, most states require that an up-coming tattoo artist have an additional license used to satisfy health and sanitation regulations. Each state has its own specific requirement regarding a tattooing business but this information can be found with a few phone calls to city officials and the health department. Here you will find the basic steps on how to get a tattoo license.

To get a tattoo license, you will need:

  • Local laws and regulations pertaining to starting a business
  • Information on specialized training and certifications
  • Government offices telephone numbers or website URLs
  • Information on local health permits and sanitary regulations
  • Application for a business license


  1. Educate yourself on laws and regulations. Stay knowledgeable on local laws and regulations pertaining to state and governmental requirements for starting a business. Certain training or certifications may be needed before you can obtain your tattoo license. This information can be found by calling your local government offices or local business administration. Additional information can be researched by visiting official Website online.
  2. Request the proper application forms. Contact your local government offices to request the application forms needed to obtain your business license. These forms may be found on the government Website and can be completed online or printed and mailed to the provided address. Be sure that you have all the requirements listed on the application before mailing it in so that neither your time, nor the official’s time is wasted.
  3. Meet all health permit laws and regulations. Requirements will need to be met to ensure that your business location and equipment does not contaminate clients or cause diseases, such as hepatitis, during any phase of the tattooing process. Your local health department will walk through the business location and check all materials and equipment to observe sterilization techniques and to ensure that all aspects meet current health codes.
  4. Submit all forms and pay business fees. The final step to obtaining your tattoo license is to submit your business application for review and pay all necessary licensing fees. If you have any questions regarding your application, contact your local business office to ask for confirmation. If your application is accepted, the business administration will contact you within a few weeks or months to notify you of your new tattoo license.

If you’re interested in getting a tattoo license, there are some necessary steps to take. Local and state rules and regulations will need to take place and be strictly adhered by in order to maintain a safe and legal business setting. With all the rules are followed and business ethics are in place, tattoo artists can use their skill and talent to make money with the use of a tattoo license.

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