How To Get A Tax Identification Number

For those of you who can't get a Social Security Number, you should definitely know how to get a Tax Identification Number. This situation is fairly common because it happens to most of the nonresident and resident aliens plus their family members. Nevertheless, these people can find a quick fix for the situation. The following instructions will guide you on getting a Tax Identification Number.

To get a Tax Identification Number, you will need:

  • Form W-7 – IRS Application for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number
  • Proof of foreign/alien status and true identity


  1. Fill out the Form W-7. The first step to get a Tax Identification Number is to obtain a copy of the form from the IRS. Make sure that the form is completed, dated and signed by you. Review the entire form and confirm that it is error-free. Your form will be rejected as a result of any existing errors or missing information.
  2. Gather all the proper documentation. In order to get a Tax Identification Number, you must also provide the IRS with your required documentation along with the Form W-7. You will need to arrange your proof of foreign/alien status and true identity. Keep in mind that the IRS will not be able to process your application with the absence of all the proper documentation.
  3. Submit all the paperwork promptly. Finally, you can get a Tax Identification Number by filing your application out either with an acceptance agent or the IRS. Note that an acceptance agent can be any universities, banks, accounting companies, etc. Before sealing the envelope, confirmed that the Form W-7 and the proof of foreign/alien status and true identity are enclosed. Now, you can put all the paperwork in mail.

Getting a Tax Identification Number is a very easy process with these 3 steps. Depending on an individual's immigration status, It is a fact that not everyone can get a Social Security Number. Therefore, the IRS has made the Tax Identification Number available.



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