How To Get To The Texting Log On A Blackberry 8900

If you need to refer back to a text that you received or sent, it is necessary to know how to get to the texting log on a BlackBerry 8900. This is fairly simple. You can find all your text messages on this log, unless you have deleted them or the messages have been there over the time limit allowed. The time limit is generally thirty days, depending on your cell phone carrier and how you have your settings selected on the BlackBerry 8900. Here is how to gain excess to your texting log on a Blackberry 8900:

  1. On the home screen of your BlackBerry 8900, select the SMS and MMS function. Once this is selected your texting log will appear. It should see the name of the person who was involved in the text, the date of the text, and a few words of the message. You can scroll up and down to see all the messages.
  2. To open the text of your choice, scroll down to a text and select it. The text will open and you can see the whole message and all the other messages that were connected to that specific message.
  3. By hitting the menu key, you can bring up more options to do with that specific message. From here you can see all the recipients of the text, close the text, delete the text, plus many more options. There is a lot of functions that you can do once you know how to get to the texting log on a BlackBerry 8900.
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