How To Get Thin In 30 Days

To learn how to get thin in 30 days, you need to create several different processes within your body. You need to give your body the ability to burn more calories, decrease your caloric intake and change the ratio of protein and carbs in your diet. To get thin in 30 days, you also need to exercise to both raise your metabolism and to burn off some of the calories you ate during the day.

  1. Change your diet. For the fastest weight loss, cut most carbohydrates out of your diet. Instead, consume lean protein as most of your diet. This can include meat, seafood, pecans and other high-protein, low-carb foods. Whether it is heathy or not to remain on a low-carb diet long term has been heavily debated, but to get thin in 30 days, it is a fast jump-start to your weight loss regimen. 
  2. Start exercising every day if you are healthy enough to do so.  A strenuous cardio exercise session that lasts at least 30 minutes a day will raise your metabolism, causing your body to burn more calories for about eight hours after your workout. Each session will also burn about 300 calories. If done every day, this will burn thousands of calories each week and will help you to get thin in 30 days.
  3. Lift weights. To get thin in 30 days, you must get your body burning as many calories as possible as quickly as possible. Lifting weights every other day will build muscles, which in turn will cause your body to burn more calories. To build calorie-burning muscle, you must give your body one rest day in between each weight lifting day in order to allow your muscles to repair themselves. You can get thin in 30 days by getting rid of your fat and building lean muscle to replace it.
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