How To Get Thin Face

How to get a thin face is a question many people ask. Unfortunately, the answer is extremely difficult. Typically, there needs to be at least twenty pounds of weight loss before you can see results in a person’s face. A thin face might require 100 pounds or more of weight loss. 

Things you will need:


  • Aerobic exercise regimen
  • Resistance exercise regimen
  • Low-calorie diet
  1. Examine your face. Some faces are large because of genetics. Faces are based on the outline of the skull. Some skulls create a rounded face with fleshy cheeks. You will have to set your expectations to your eating habits, culture and genetics.
  2. Begin a weight loss regimen that includes rigorous exercise. To make large gains requires a large effort. Only a rigorous regimen will do. More than one workout per day may be required to see progress quickly.
  3. Plan a cardiovascular-only regimen. You will not add weight training to your regimen. Your goal will be to shed pounds as quickly as possible. Including a resistance training portion will slow down your progress.
  4. Reduce your calories. You will want to decrease your total calories to by more than 40 percent if you want to significantly reduce your weight quickly. This will put additional stress on your body. This stress will add in your weight loss. Make sure running is a part of your weight loss efforts. Running is the most effective exercise for increasing overall body metabolism. For you to lose weight in your face, you will have to push yourself very hard.

If you follow these steps, your body will begin to shed extra pounds quickly. Within a few weeks you will also see the size of your face decrease.

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