How To Get A Third Date

Knowing how to get a third date is essential for moving a relationship forward on the right path. When you’re trying to get a third date you want to do it with finesse. Here are some great ways to get a third date and keep the girl coming back for more.

  1. Tell her that the date is a surprise. Women love men who are mysterious and they love surprises. When you tell a woman that the date is a surprise, she will be extremely interested in what you have cooked up. Surprises are something that will definitely keep a girl on the hook.
  2. Give her a little space. You don’t want to cram all three dates into a span of five days. If you’ve taken the girl out on two dates within one week, you want to space the third date out to the following weekend. This is to build anticipation and let her know that you aren’t too clingy, but still interested.
  3. Call her in-between the dates. This is a big one for getting that third date. Call her in-between the dates just to see how her week is going. You can text her but always follow it up with a call. You want to show her that you’re interested in more than just sex.
  4. Don’t hint at sex. One of the biggest mistakes that guys make on the third date is showing an expectation of sex. Even though this is typically when sex will occur, you don’t want it to seem like that’s all you want. Make sure that she has an out if she wants to take it. For instance, ask her if she would like you to pick her up or if she would like to drive herself. This gives her a great out.
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