How To Get Through A Break Up

Learning how to get through a break up is a skill that many people would love to learn. Getting over a through a break up is both emotionally and physically draining. Getting broken up may feel like getting hit by a Mack truck, but there are some techniques and skills that will make the experience hurt a little less.

  1. Respect yourself. Learning to respect and accept oneself for who you are may be one of the most difficult skills for anyone to learn. Remember that the person that was there before before the break up is still inside. This is not a good time to be self-deprecating or to get down on oneself.

  1. Get rid of nostalgia. Pictures, love letters and phone calls will not make an ex come back. It will only make the hurt worse, make the anguish last longer and make the long road to getting over the break up that much harder.

  1. Turn to family and friends. Family and friends may have great advice about breaking up, or they may just be a great shoulder to cry on. Either way, emotional support will be needed to get through this difficult time and those that know us best can help us heal the fastest.

  2. Stay active and healthy. Staying active, eating right and getting plenty of rest will make the transition into single status a little easier. Joining a gym, an intramural team or taking up a new hobby are great ways to distract one self and elevate mood naturally.

  3. Remember that some day this will hurt less. Some morning it will be easier to wake up and look back on this time with less hurt. It may take weeks or months, but it is possible that time will heal the wounds.

  1. Change of routine. If Friday night used to be pizza night with the girlfriend, change the routine. Do beer night with buddies, or play basketball instead. Do not do things that were done as a couple. This will make it even harder to get over the relationship. Meet new friends, find new bars or hobbies that are a constant reminder of her.

  1. The future is bright and promising. The break up may be making it difficult to see beyond to the anger and pain that is felt today, but remember that the future is wide open. Getting over a bad break up is hard, but it can be done. Love will happen again and so will happiness.



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