How To Get A TiVo Discount

If you feel you should make the jump to using the relatively new device, TiVo, then you should probably know how to get a TiVo discount, because hey, who wants to pay full price! Now in a process like this, there isn’t ever any guarantee on what you will get because, quite frankly, you might get jackcrap. Just make sure you're prepared for a fight if you really want a discount, and be sure to consider the original price before jumping on people for not giving you some kind of senior discount or other lame excuse.

What you will need:

  • Internet access
  • Phone access
  • Access to a car
  • Decent amount of time for research
  1. The first step you want to do to get a discount on TiVo is essential. All you need to do is check the coupons on the internet and in stores. Some recommended stores include Best Buy and Walmart. This step is vital for the simple reason that you don’t want to look stupid calling TiVo asking about your desired TiVo discount, and finding there is a coupon out there that would take off more than you asked.
  2. If you couldn’t find coupons anywhere, the next step is to call TiVo. Talk to the people and see if there is anything they can do that could get your bill lower on your TiVo. Be sure to be nice and explain the situation of why you could really use the discount. Also, remember to be nice even if they say no as you don’t want to burn your bridges with any person that you may need in the future! 
  3. If you could not get a TiVo discount straight from TiVo directly, then look for some used TIVo equipment. You can find this discount TiVo equipment all over the internet on sites on such as Craigsist and Ebay, just be sure that you are ready for some work to get the TiVo installed correctly without the TiVo guys having to come out!



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