How To Get A TiVo Hard Drive Replacement

If you're having problems recording or watching your favorite recorded television shows, you may need to find out how to get a TiVo hard drive replacement. Each TiVo unit uses a hard drive, similar to those used in computers, to store recordings for later viewing. A defect or failure of this hard drive can interfere with recording and playback, creating a need to replace the hard drive.  

  1. Find out if your TiVo is under warranty. Most TiVo units, regardless of manufacturer, will come with some form of warranty, starting at the date of purchase.  If your TiVo hard drive fails under this period of time, the manufacturer will likely replace the hard drive per the terms of your warranty.  Each warranty is different so it's important to read the terms of your warranty and make sure it is active before contacting the company.
  2. Research recalls and known defects. Even if your TiVo unit is out of warranty, if there is a recall or known defect for your model, you may be eligible for a covered repair. Use your favorite search engine to find reports from others about problems with your specific model. If you find similar issues take note and mention this when you contact the manufacturer.
  3. Contact the manufacturer. Find the customer service contact information for the manufacturer of your TiVo unit. For quick reference, contact details for many major manufacturers are listed on the official TiVo website. Call the customer service center during the listed business hours.
  4. Request a TiVo hard drive replacement. When speaking to a customer service representative, describe the issues you are having with your TiVo hard drive and request a replacement.  If your unit is under warranty or there is a known recall or defect, the greater the chances of the manufacturer covering the repair.  If the agent agrees to cover the hard drive replacement, be sure to get a RMA (return merchandise authorization) or case number.
  5. Send your TiVo to the repair facility. Pack your TiVo unit well and ship it to the repair facility instructed by the manufacturer. They will repair or replace the hard drive and ship it back to you.
  6. Consider other options. If your TiVo is out of warranty or the manufacturer will not authorize a covered hard drive replacement, you may wish to look into other options. To save money, you may wish to replace the hard drive yourself by purchasing a new drive and performing the work at home. Other options include paying for the replacement, with either the manufacturer or a local electronics repair shop performing the work. If your TiVo hard drive is functioning, but not functioning well or lacking the space you need to save programs, you may consider purchasing an expansion drive, which can be added to your existing TiVo unit.



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