How to Get a Triple-Double in Basketball

Learning how to get a triple-double in basketball is one of the hardest things for a player to accomplish on a game-by-game basis.  Anytime a player accomplishes a triple-double it is headline news on ESPN highlight reels.  The name triple-double comes from the ability of a player to get double figures in three categories.  The traditional triple-double would consist of at least 10 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists.

  1. To complete the first step in a traditional triple-double a player would need to score at least 10 points.  This can be accomplished in more ways than one.  You can score by making any combination of free throws, field goals, and 3-point field goals.  This is generally the easiest category for a player to reach double figures in.
  2. The second step would be grabbing 10 or more rebounds.  This is harder than it might seem.  In order to get that many rebounds a player will have to work hard on boxing out their opponents out and working hard for the rebounds.  This also depends on the defensive ability of the rest of the player’s team.  Since, if the team doesn’t play good defense the opponent is less likely to miss their shots.
  3. The final step is probably the hardest of the traditional triple-double categories.  Dishing out 10 or more assists in a given game is a difficult task, as you are completely relying on your teammates to help you accomplish it.  These days in the NBA you will find no more than four or five guys who can average 10 assists a game. 

Other categories that you can use to get a triple-double would include blocks and steals.  Those are traditionally the hardest categories for a player to get double figures in.  Neither one is generally accomplished more than once per season, by any player.  As you can see these are not the easiest things for a player to accomplish which is why a feat of that magnitude is always mentioned on the sports news. 


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