How To Get Trophies On PS3

As a new PS3 owner you may have seen the trophy icon on your PS3 home screen and wondered how to get trophies on PS3. Many PS3 games feature trophies which you can earn, and all the trophies for each game you own, both those you've unlocked and the ones you haven't, are available from the trophy screen. Earning PS3 trophies and checking your current trophy collection requires only a few steps thanks to the PS3's friendly user-interface.

  1. Insert a game into your PS3. Most games allow you to earn specific trophies while playing that game. Check the back of the box or on the game's website to find out if the game awards trophies to players.
  2. Load the PS3 game and create a new "Save" file. This puts the game into the PS3's memory and from now on it will automatically record each trophy you earn. The PlayStation 3 keeps all your trophies on one screen, regardless of how many different PS3 games the trophies are from. This allows a quick view of what trophies you still need to earn.
  3. Remove the game from the PS3, then turn it back on to access the main menu. Scroll until you see the trophy symbol and select it. Here you'll see a list of trophies for each PS3 game you've played.
  4. Select a specific game to view its trophies. At the bottom of the screen, you'll see how many trophies the game contains and which ones you have earned. Scroll down to see which trophies you have not unlocked.
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions for locked trophies to unlock them. Each locked PS3 trophy will tell you what you have to do in game to earn it. Load that specific game and complete the objective to earn the trophy. It will appear in your trophy collection the next time you access the trophy screen.

You'll also earn points for trophy collection and can rank up to new levels based on the number you've collected. The trophy screen shows which level you're on and how many trophies you need to make it to the next level or ranking. It does not matter which games the trophies come from. The PS3 only counts the number you have overall.

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