How To Get A Turkey In Bowling

By knowing how to get a turkey in bowling, you can dramatically raise your score and show of to your friends. A turkey is labeled as getting three strikes in a row during a game. While this sounds hard, it is can be easy with a few tips.

  1. Buy your own ball. Having your own bowling ball is better than the house balls, because you know the results you will get with it. If you use a house ball every time you go to bowl, you will get a different ball every time. Your own ball with fit you perfectly and can even be drilled to have a hook, meaning that it will curve when it is thrown.
  2. Find your “spot.” When throwing your bowling ball, pay attention to where you throw it. This is what the dots and the arrows on the lane are for. Watch where you are throwing the ball until you get a strike. Then, repeat by throwing your ball at the spot again, with the same force and technique as you did the first one. This technique gives you a better chance at getting a second and possibly third strike. Of course, it is on as easy as it sounds, but it is easier than randomly throwing the ball out there and praying for three strikes.
  3. Relax. The more you stress about getting a turkey, the harder it will be to get one. Take it seriously, but have fun too. If you don’t have fun while bowling, you won’t enjoy yourself.
  4. Take bowling lessons. If you think you would be interested in taking lessons, check it out! Lessons usually do not cost much and it will give you an edge when shooting for a turkey. A couch can show you were to stand and how to throw the ball to get the best results.
  5. Practice, practice, practice. The only way to truly get a turkey is to practice as often as you can. You can’t expect to not bowl for a while and then magically get a turkey as soon as you bowl again. The more you work at getting a turkey, the more chances you have at getting them.

Just follow these simply steps and you will be well on your way to showing off to your friends and getting higher scores when you go bowling. Just remember, have fun!

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