How To Get Two Player Transformers For The Wii

Understanding how to get to the two player Transformers games for the Wii will help you extend the life of this movie based title. In Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, there are actually two ways to utilize the multiplayer options. There is Arena Mode and also the Remote Weapons System. Arena Mode is a two player slaughterfest that pits you and your pal against wave after wave of enemy Transformers. The Remote Weapons System is a fun little perk that lets your friend join in on the single player campaign as an attack droid that follows you around.

To get two player Transformers for the Wii, you will need:

  • A Nintendo Wii
  • Two controllers
  • A copy of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
  • A friend, lover or talented pet


  1. Arena Mode. For the two player Transformers fun in Arena Mode, you must have both controllers on when you fire up your Nintendo Wii. In the title screen, select "Arena Mode" and choose whether you guys will play as Autobots or Deceptacons. If you have ever played a video game, the rest is pretty obvious. Destroy everything that enters the arena.
  2. Remote Weapons System. The other two player Transformers game is more of a cooperative affair than a standard two player game. To access the "Remote Weapons System" mode, the second Nintendo Wii Remote must already be on when you begin the single player campaign. To enter or exit this cooperative two player mode, you must press the ‘2’ button on the controller. As the Droid, you shadow around player one and have the ability to fire or create a shield.



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