How To Get An Ugly Girl To Marry You

How to get an ugly girl to marry you is not just a song, but also the truth for some men. It's known they will treat you like gold, won't take advantage, and will stay with you through the highs and lows in life. However some people have a hidden agenda in marrying an ugly woman so if your girl is a bit hesitant, use these steps to get down the aisle.


  1. Compliments go a long way. To get an ugly girl to marry you, let her know she is the most beautiful woman in the world in your eyes. Women soak up compliments and you can lay it on your ugly woman by telling she has an interesting unique look that no other can compared.
  2. Be remindful of her inner qualities. Your ugly wife-to-to-be has something special that some women with "looks" lack, a great personality and the ability to keep a man satisfied on an intimate, mental and emotional level. If she keeps up with all three, remind your woman those are the important aspects in maintaining a great relationship and you want her to be your wife.
  3. Assure her you love her. If your girlfriend knows she is not the best-looking woman around, make her feel secure that she is beautiful in a special way. Get rid of any insecurity she may have about you or the relationship. If she is well to do, say you are in it for love, not money or anything that may question her doubts about you. 



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