How To Get Unlimited Ammo In Call Of Duty 4

Looking for how to get unlimited ammo in "Call of Duty 4?" This is a guide to allow for you to achieve this.  It will make the game easier and it will allow you to excel.  Unlimited ammo in "Call of Duty 4" will help your game playing experience to become better.

  1. Put your game save data on a USB drive. Then, put it on your computer.
  2. Open game save folder. Find the file called GPAD0_MP.PRF.
  3. Copy and paste the following code replacing everything in the folder.

set playlist "7"

set clanName ""

set cg_drawShellshock "0"

set reload "1"

set melee "1"

set breath_sprint "1"

set cg_laserForceOn "1"

set player_sprintSpeedScale “3”

set jump_height "90"

set perk_bulletPenetrationMultiplier "8"

set player_meleeRange "150"

set cg_drawHealth "1"

set fx_draw "1"

set cg_thirdPerson "1"

set player_sustainAmmo "1"

set ps3_voiceSpeakerGain "5.5"

set motd "Visit NextGenBoards"

set customclass1 "Custom Slot 1"

set customclass2 "Custom Slot 2"

set customclass3 "Custom Slot 3"

set customclass4 "Custom Slot 4"

set customclass5 "Custom Slot 5"

 This will not only give you unlimited ammo in "Call of Duty 4" but it will also give you added sprint speed and a laser sight to your gun.  Enjoy the easier game play. Having all of these new add ons will have you playing "Call of Duty 4" like you never have before. Another thing to note is that you should copy and the information into another folder so that if you want to return the game to its original status you can do so.  

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