How To Get Unlimited Wii Points

Many Wii users always want to know where and how to get unlimited Wii points.  Wii points can be used to purchase and download games, music and downloads for the Wii systems.  It seems that getting Wii points is a hot trend these days.

In order to get unlimited Wii points, you will need:

  • A computer
  • Internet access
  1. Do your research.  You need to look for sites that provide the codes you are looking for.  You want a site where you can get unlimited Wii points today instead of waiting.  You can use  You don’t have to enter your email at all and all the points are 100% free.
  2. Get a card.  Another way to get unlimited Wii points is to get a card with points on it.  Then send the code to this email address:  You will then get a code back that has unlimited points on it.  This works for only codes that you redeem.
  3. Rewards site.  Another site that you can do to is  With this site, you sign up for free.  Many of the offers are free.  You can choose to only do the free surveys.  Your rewards points add up which let you get free unlimited Wii points.  The more offers you complete, the more points you will earn.
  4. Gaming Lagoon.  At, you also get points for completing offers and surveys much like the site above.  It is 100% free.  You can give your opinion or try a sample product from a company.  Complete as many offers as you want. You can also get extra points for referring others to the site as well.

The reason that these sites can give away unlimited Wii points is because they purchase from Nintendo directly in order to attract traffic to their site.  So this is a win-win situation for everyone.  The site gets traffic and you get Wii points.



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