How To Get To Venice Beach

Learning how to get to Venice Beach will allow for an easier beach experience. Venice Beach is a half beach, half boardwalk paradise among people who appreciate the sun and creativity. Aside from the beach and the beautiful boardwalk, there is Muscle Beach, handball courts, tennis courts and bike trails. Getting there and parking may be hectic, but a day at Venice Beach is well worth it.

  1. Take the freeway. The 405 freeway takes your directly to Venice Boulevard. Exit the freeway and head west until you reach the beach. Heading west, you will be able to see the beach/ocean in the background.
  2. Park your car in one of the parking lots. Parking is available at the end of Venice Boulevard, right on the beach. The parking lots charge $3 to $10 depending on the time of the year. For example, during the summer, parking will be a lot more expensive in comparison to the off season. There is additional parking available between North and South Venice Boulevard, west of Lincoln Boulevard. If you want to park in a more discreet location, there are private parking lots that cost up to $30 a day. 
  3. Take a shuttle to the beach. If all of the parking lots are full and you have to park far from the beach, use the shuttle service to get to the beach. The shuttle goes through all of the public parking lots that are far from the beach. The shuttle is free during the summer and will cost no more than $5 in the off-season. 






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