How To Get Wax Build Up Off Of Ceramic Tile

Need to know how to get wax build up off of ceramic tile? Wax build up will occur on ceramic tile floors if you use store-bought cleaners that incorporate wax for added shine. Older ceramic tile floors that require waxing to maintain their even sheen will also develop wax build up with time. If left untreated, wax build up will turn your beautiful ceramic tile floor yellow and dull, or even mar its overall texture with brown splotches of concentrated wax. Luckily, removing wax build up is fairly easy, and switching to a homemade ceramic tile cleaner will prevent new wax build up from marring your floor again.

To get wax build up off of ceramic tile, you will need:

  • 2 buckets of hot water, with two gallons each
  • A cup of household ammonia (not to be confused with bleach)
  • A cup of white vinegar
  • A mop
  • Rubber gloves
  1. Prepare the ceramic floor. To avoid scratching the tile floor as you remove wax build up, begin by sweeping or vacuuming the floor thoroughly to remove all dirt and debris.
  2. Prepare the wax remover. If you are using a store-bought wax remover, read the instructions on the label to prepare the solution. If you are making your own wax build up remover, pour the ammonia and vinegar into one gallon of hot water, then add the second gallon to create turbulence that will mix the ingredients together. Keep the room well-ventilated, as the fumes from the ammonia are strong, and wear rubber gloves to keep your hands from absorbing the unpleasant scent of ammonia. For minimal wax build up, vinegar and water alone will likely be enough to remove the wax build up off of ceramic tile.
  3. Treat the wax build up stains. Begin by applying the wax remover to severe wax build up stains that leave brown or yellow splotches on your ceramic tile. Low-traffic areas, like the corners or edges of the room are likely to have more wax build up. Dip the mop in the bucket of solution, then apply over the wax build up and let sit for five minutes. Next, mop up the solution and clean the mop in the second (solution-free) bucket of water. If the floor still looks yellowish or dull, repeat this step. For extreme wax build up stains, use a mop scrubber or a cleaning brush.
  4. Remove the wax build up off the entire ceramic tile floor. Once the worst wax build up stains have been removed, wipe your whole floor with the cleaning solution. Let the solution sit for two minutes, then wipe clean, washing your mop in the bucket of water. To save time, finish applying the solution, then return to where you started. This way the solution has time to sit on the ceramic tile as you work your way down the room.
  5. Clean the ceramic tile floor. Change the water bucket to clean water and wipe the floor twice to remove all traces of the wax build up remover. Since the smell of ammonia and vinegar is unpleasant, be sure to change the water in the bucket once it begins to look milky or dull.
  6. Future floor cleaning. In the future, avoid using waxy store-bought cleaners. You can make your own floor cleaner by mixing 1/2 a cup of vinegar or glass cleaner with one gallon of hot water.
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