How To Get Wax Out Of Ceramic Tile Grout

How to get wax out of ceramic tile grout, a difficult job, but not impossible. The method of removing the wax from the grout depends on whether it is face or leg wax or candle wax. The removal process for either is not difficult, just different.

Removing Candle Wax From Ceramic Tile Grout

  1. Allow the candle wax to harden on the ceramic tile grout. Do not rub hot wax in an attempt to clean it up, rubbing causes the wax stain to spread.
  2. Place ice on the wax which will cause the wax to become more brittle and easier to remove from the tile grout.
  3. Allow the ice to stay on the dried candle wax for five to ten minutes to properly harden.
  4. Use a plastic putty knife or the edge of a credit card and scrape the wax off of the grout. Use flexible plastic rather than metal to scrape in order to avoid damage to the grout.

Removing Leg or Face Wax From Ceramic Tile Grout

  1. Cut pieces from a brown paper bag two to three inches larger than the face or leg wax accumulation on the ceramic tile grout.
  2. Place a piece of the brown paper bag over the wax. Make sure the paper is larger than the wax stain.
  3. Use a warm iron and press the brown paper for one to two minutes. Move the iron in a circular motion to avoid heat damage to the ceramic tile grout.
  4. Remove the piece of brown paper and discard. The wax will adhere to the brown paper.
  5. Use a new piece of brown paper, iron, remove and discard.
  6. Continue this pattern until all of the leg or face wax has been removed from the ceramic tile grout. The brown paper absorbs and pulls the sticky wax out of the grout.

Spilled wax, regardless of the type is a messy clean-up. Through the use of the proper cleaning agent for the type of wax, successfully removing wax from ceramic tile grout comes about.  Use care when working with a hot iron to avoid burns.

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