How To Get A Wii Connected In Surround Sound

You just purchased a Nintendo Wii and would like to know, "How To Get A Wii Connected In Surround Sound." The Wii is a great interactive game that is not just fun for individuals, but also for family and friends as well. The Wii allows you to purchase and play multiple games where you can interact and have unlimited fun all day long. You can enjoy the Wii being connect to your surround sound system in a few easy steps.

 To get a Will connect in surround sound you will need:

  • Will console
  • Stereo system
  • AV cable
  1. Purchase an AV cable for your surround sound An AV cable is a stereo cable with a yellow, white, and red connection. You can purchase an AV cable any technology store.
  2. Separate the AV cables. Sometimes the cable come attached and you will need to separate them. Carefully pull the yellow cable apart, then the red and white cables apart from each other.
  3. Plug the yellow cable on your stereo AV cable into the Video Input on the TV.
  4. Plug the white cable into the Audio Left input on your stereo.
  5. Plug the red cable into the Audio Right input on your stereo.
  6. Select the input setting on your stereo system to match the mode of your audio inputs to set up your surround sound.
  7. Turn on your Wii and let it to load. Then turn on your TV and switch to the input that shows your Wii game. Also turn on your stereo system.
  8. Select and confirm the "Surround sound" options under the "Wii System Setting." Your surround sound is now connected to your Will.
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