How To Get A Woman To Wear Lingerie

Do you want to know how to get a woman to wear lingerie? Many men fantasize about their woman coming to bed wearing sexy lingerie. However, some women don't know if it is the right time in the relationship for that type of outfit. Let your woman know that you are ready. She may never know that is something you would like if you don't speak up.

  1. Know your woman first. The biggest mistake a man can make when he wants a woman to wear something sexy for him is to ask too soon. You don't want to ask on the first date only minutes after you learned her occupation. Your relationship needs to be at the sexual stage to even consider asking her to wear lingerie. Show your respect by taking some time to show her that you want more than just her body (even if that's not particularly true). Women tend to be more inclined to please a man that seems genuinely respectful.
  2. Choose the right moment. There are certain moments when it is simply not appropriate to ask a woman for sexual favors. For example, you wouldn't want to ask a woman to wear lingerie for you when she is angry or in front of other people. Choose your moment wisely because you'll be less likely to succeed in the future if you mess it up the first time. Try asking when she is in a good mood. It would be helpful to pick a time when she is feeling sexy or frisky.
  3. Don't stick your foot in your mouth. Women love to be wanted, but they want to be wanted for the right reasons. Do not say that you were flipping through a dirty magazine and saw some "hot babe" and it turned you on to see her in naughty lingerie. Make your woman feel good about her body by mentioning that she is beautiful. Give specifics and tell her how her curvy figure is sexy. Then you could mention that you saw some lingerie when you were looking through the weekly department store ads (even if you really did see it in a dirty magazine) and how you immediately thought that it would look wonderful on her body. Ask if she would ever consider wearing something like that. Remember to be respectful of her feelings.
  4. Respect her decision. Some women are self-conscious and may not feel comfortable wearing lingerie. Other women might think they look like a super model and still won't want to wear lingerie. Don't get upset with her decision if she turns you down (at least not in front of her). You could ruin your chances of trying again if you let her know you are angry or disappointed. Give her a gentle kiss and express that you understand. You want the conversation to end on a good note without making her feel guilty for choosing not to fulfill one of your fantasies.
  5. Try again later. You may be able to ask her again later. Don't bring it back up the next day or even the next week. You don't want to sound like a pervert who can't understand the word "no." Give her the time and respect she deserves. You might just find your woman sporting a sexy negligee to bed one night once she knows you would be interested in seeing her in lingerie.
  6. Compliment her. Make a big deal about it if she does choose to wear lingerie. Many women are uncomfortable the first time they wear something like that for a man. She needs to know that you think she looks gorgeous. Don't let her know if you think that it looks hideous. She may never be willing to be intimate with you again and you might find yourself starting all over again.
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