How To Get Women In The Mood

If you want to get lucky on a regular basis, learn how to get women in the mood. Women are complex creatures. While not everything will work for every woman, there are some universal things that you can do that will help turn her on. Men are often visually stimulated. Women can be too, but they are also stimulated in other ways. Often, to get women in the mood, speaking to her and appealing to her auditory senses are effective. When you are trying to get a woman in the mood, just remember to take things a bit slower than you would like. That should be just her speed.

  1. Talk about the things that you want to do to her. Don’t be creepy about it and try not to be too vulgar unless you know that it gets her in the mood. Lean in close and whisper into her ear all of the things that you have thought about doing to her throughout the day. Lightly kiss her on the ear from time to time while telling her this. Do not stick your tongue in her ear in a rough way. No one likes that.
  2. Be romantic. For many women, getting in the mood requires being emotionally ready, as well as physically ready. Take the time to stroke her hair, rub her shoulders and basically just hold and touch her. Hold her hand when you are out in public. Make sure to tell her that you find her to be beautiful and sexy.
  3. Kiss her on the neck. Don’t be sloppy and slobbery. Just touch the top of your tongue to her skin and kiss it softly. Kissing any part of the neck will get a woman in the mood.
  4. Get her in the mood with oral sex. Being enthusiastic about oral sex will make her feel great about herself and will get her in the mood. Take your time with it. Focus on what she likes and learn what she doesn’t like.
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