How To Get The Women You Desire Into Bed

When you are dating a woman you desire, you need to know how to get the women you desire into bed. Flirting and romance throughout the night can feel good, but at the end of the evening you are going to have to start thinking about sex before the date is about to end if you need that wild sex to cap off the night. Plan your night to help get your woman you desire into the mood to get in bed with you and wear out those bed springs.

  1. Compliment your date throughout the night. If you want to get the woman you desire into bed, make her know how much you want her. Compliment not only her appearance, but her mind as well. Tell her how much you enjoy spending time with her and how enjoying time together in and out of the bedroom makes the sex even better.
  2. Don't forget she is a lady. Treat the woman you desire in your bed with respect. Show her that old-fashioned charm. Open the car door for her and hold the door open for her at restaurants. Help her take her jacket off and not just in the hope of sneaking a peak down the top of her dress. She'll know why you are doing these things, but knowing you are making the effort will make her realize how much you desire to have her share your bed.
  3. Listen to her. Pay close attention to what she says during the evening. Showing interest in her and the conversation will show that you don't think of her as just a sex object. Also, if you listen closely, you might find some clues that will tell you what turns her on.
  4. Remember what has worked in the past when you have try to get the women you desire into bed. Practice makes perfect means that you can improve on those skills. Think about what has worked and do it better than the last time. If she enjoyed a massage, give her a longer one. If she enjoyed kissing you, spend more time kissing and with more passion. What has worked in the past might have you find success in the future.
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