How To Get Wrinkles Out Of A Wool Coat

The secret of how to get wrinkles out of a wool coat is steam. The severity of the creases will determine the intensity and length of application.

In order to get wrinkles out of a wool coat, you should have the following:

  • A plastic or wooden clothes hanger. 
  • Access to a bathroom shower.
  • A clothes iron.
  • An ironing board.
  • A wet piece of cotton cloth about the size of a dish cloth.
  • A clothes steamer.

Minor Wrinkles

  1. Minor wrinkles can be eliminated by hanging the coat in the shower room when you take a shower. A metal hanger can leave a rust stain on damp wool.  Be careful to put it far enough away that it does not get splashed by water. 
  2. The steam going into the garment, saturates and softens the wool, thus filling out the fabric. You can even open the shower curtain and let the room fill with moisture before turning off the shower head.

 Deeper Wrinkles

  1. Deeper wrinkles in wool fabric can be gotten rid of by the use of a steamer.
  2. There are any number of steamers on the market.  You don't have to spend a lot of money for a good steamer, and it can be used on wool or any other fabric. Travelers have learned that steamers are much more convenient than irons.

 Nasty Wrinkles

  1. Those deep persistent wrinkles that do not go away with even a steamer, have to be ironed out. 
  2. The best way to do this is to get out the ironing board and your electric iron. 
  3. Place your wool coat on the board.
  4. Soak a plain dishcloth or other piece of cotton of like measurements in water and place the wet cloth on the wrinkled area of the wool coat or jacket. 
  5. With your iron at a high setting, usually marked "cotton" or your iron, place the hot iron onto the wet cloth and iron away. 
  6. Be careful to keep the iron inside the wet cloth area to avoid burning or singeing the wool fabric.

Final Step

  1. Once the wrinkles have been eliminated from the wool coat or jacket, the garment should be allowed to dry thoroughly before wearing it. Wool has a tendency to stretch when it is wet. 
  2. Remember that wool should never be put in a clothes dryer. Intense heat from a clothes dryer will shrink wool to a size that wouldn't even fit a child's doll.




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