How To Get WWE Smackdown On DirecTV

If you have DirecTV and love wrestling, here's how to watch WWE Smackdown on DirecTV. SmackDown is a weekly professional show done by World Wrestling Entertainment. The show is a taped wrestling production that features stars from the WWE. The show airs Friday nights at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time on the MyNetworkTV channel.

  1. For DIRECTV subscribers it’s important to know the channel listings the viewer has in order to know how they can watch SmackDown. Like most television providers, DIRECTV has different tiered packages. A list of what each package provides can be found on DIRECTV’s website under the channel packages tab. From there the viewer can access which channels are available to them based on the package they have.
  2. One thing that all DIRECTV packages include is local channels though the numbers that may vary depending on which area the viewer resides in. Depending on where the viewer lives MyNetworkTV is available to them on a local channel. To find out which channel to access SmackDown the viewer needs to go to MyNetworkTV’s website and click the local stations tab on the home page. From there the viewer enters their zip code and the local channel in their market pops up. The site also gives a link to the local station’s websites should the viewer have any questions for that station.  
  3. From there the viewer finds the local channel either on the DIRECTV guide, which can be accessed on their remote control or by checking DIRECTV’s website to see which channel number it is.
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