How To Get Your Arm Stronger For Throwing A Football

If you plan on playing quarterback after high school, you are going to need to learn how to get your arm stronger for throwing a football. A quarterback with a weak arm is limited in their ability to deliver the football to their receivers. Following these simple tips will help you get your arm stronger to make throwing the football easier than before.

  1. Practice throwing the football, even in the offseason. Throwing the football around is the easiest way to get your arm stronger. Using your muscles to perform an activity will build strength and muscle memory. Even if you play other sports in the offseason, throwing the ball regularly will allow you to maintain or even increase your arm strength in the offseason.
  2. Do strength exercises using weight or resistance training. Performing any activity that requires strength becomes easier as you build muscle. Working on your upper and lower body with weightlifting or resistance exercises will make you stronger and help put more zip on your throws. 
  3. Remember to use your legs when you throw the ball. Much of the strength required to throw a football comes from your legs. The arm delivers the football but the legs delivers much of the power behind the act of throwing. When you throw the football, plant your feet firmly in the ground with your front foot facing your target, and use your back leg to drive your body through your throwing motion.
  4. Improve your throwing motion. Bad throwing mechanics may cause your passes to land short of their target. Hold the ball high, above the shoulder near the ear. Experiment with different release points to minimize the chance of a poor throw. If you throw with sloppy technique, even a strong arm will appear weak.


  • Think of throwing a football as a form of weight training. Throwing passes regularly will help you get your arm stronger for throwing a football.
  • When using weight or resistance training, train both arms equally to avoid imbalance.


  • Avoid over-training by giving your arm rest after a workout. Overworking your arm can cause injury, especially for younger players.
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