How to Get Your Girlfriend to Break Up With You

If you are trying learn how to get your girlfriend to break up with you, you need to make sure that she gets so tired of you that she leaves you! Some men have a hard time getting a girl to understand that he is no longer interested in her, your girl may a bit more dense than another. However, at least one of these moves will make her ready to pack up and hit the road!

  1. Stop showing affection. Girls can always tell that the end is coming when their guy no longer cares about anything that happens in her life. This may be hard for you if you still care for your girlfriend, but if you constantly show concern for your girlfriend then she will never become your ex-girlfriend. Show an obvious lack of interest in her life and your girlfriend will get sick of it and eventually break up with you.
  2. Cheat on your girl and make it known. Some girls will put up with their man cheating if it is not common knowledge to the people around them. However, if your girlfriend is surrounded by people who always look at her like she is an idiot for staying with a cheating man, she will quickly get tired of all the talk, and luckily, tired of you.
  3. Take up a new disappearing act. There are a few different ways that you can do the wonderful disappearing act; you can either stop showing up to things, or really disappear for awhile a few different times a month. Then when she wants to know what is going on, refuse to give her an explanation. Tell her that it is none of her business. If you do this often enough, your girlfriend will likely suspect that you're being unfaithful and will probably end up breaking up with you.
  4. The most obvious choice is to become exceptionally selfish. Make yourself your number one priority! No matter what she needs, wants, or cares about, she will never come before you. Make yourself dinner and don't make enough for her. If there is enough for her to eat, put the food away before she has a chance to get any. Go get yourself fast food, or something extra to eat and don't get her anything.
  5. Start picking up some disgusting habits, or at least ones that are her pet peeves. If you know she cannot stand when you chew gum loudly, pick up a month supply of gum. Start leaving the toilet seat up all the time. Or you could really go crazy and start to peeing in the sinks. Forget to flush the toilet and leave your shavings in the sink. Gross her right out of your life.
  6. Always invite your friends she hates along for the ride. When your girlfriend starts to feel really sad and asks you to start showing some extra love, agree with her. Tell her you would like to have a special date night out, then invite all of the friends she can't stand. She will catch on and want to stay at home. Invite them over for a beer pong tournament or poker party. Tell them to show up about 30 minutes to an hour after your date night in starts. It will be just enough time for her to think that you are going to commit the night with her; she will only put up that once or twice.
  7. Suddenly gain interest in a very rare fetish. You may want to be careful what fetish you chose, because some girls may have some hidden fetishes. Find the most rare fetish that you can stand to put up with and tell her how excited you are to incorporate it into your bedroom acts!
  8. Remember everything you have done to upset her and do it all again. We're sure that you have upset your girlfriend quite a few times before, so think about what really upsets her and repeat those infractions again! It is very common for a girl to get more annoyed dealing with old issues constantly, than trying to find a way to deal with the new issues that arise.
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