How To Get Your Girlfriend To Give You Head

Learning how to get your girlfriend to give you head is something every guy should do.  Even if you have a great sex life, every man could probably use a little more oral stimulation. To be honest, most men probably think that getting head is the basic reason for sexual interaction. Forget the sex, just give them head. Of course, receiving oral pleasure from your girlfriend can be a bit tricky. And sometimes she needs a little encouragement. 

  1. Keep it groomed and cleaned. You cannot expect to get your girlfriend to give you head if you are walking around with a wild harry bush and smelly balls. You are going to need to trim that area. This does not mean that you have to shave it, you just have to keep it manicured. Also, do something about that smell. Wash up. You may even want to consider using some spray deodorant down there. 
  2. Never force her. You want you girlfriend to give you head willingly. You do not want it to be something that she feels forced to do. When she does it because she wants to, she will be more into it, which is a big plus for you. With this in mind, never use force; do not just push her head towards your crotch. This is crass and disgusting behavior. 
  3. Ask her. This is a novel idea for sure; but if you ask your girlfriend to give you head, chances are she will be willing and happily do so. Just be careful how you ask her. Do not be a sleaze about it; instead, just come right out and ask her. 
  4. Be well behaved. When she does give you head, and if you ever want it to happen again, behave yourself. Do not pull on her hair. Do not force yourself in and out of her mouth. Do not try to make her choke and gage. She is not a sex doll, so do not treat her like one. If you make her feel dirty and disgusting while she gives you head, you are ruining your chances of it ever happening again. 
  5. Give it to her. This is a give and take relationship. So, try giving her oral stimulation. Do not make her ask for it, just do it. Chances are she will feel inclined to reciprocate. 
  6. Give her advice. There is also a good chance that just does not know what she is doing. Remember, not every woman understands how to handle the equipment. Tell her what she is doing right; tell her how it makes you feel. If you boost her confidence, she feel more inclined to give you head. 
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