How To Get Your Girlfriend To Have Sex

Need to know how to get your girlfriend to have sex? Whether you've been dating someone for a few months and things have begun to cool off, or you just started dating someone and things are progressing a little slower than you'd like, you probably wouldn't mind having a few strategies for getting your girlfriend to have sex with you hidden up your sleeve. Here are a few tips for making her headache—and panties—disappear.

  1. Look in the mirror. Would you want to have sex with you? Could you stand to get a haircut? Hit the gym a little harder? Shower more often? Invest in dental floss? Women aren't as visual as men are when it comes to sex, but that doesn't mean that your appearance and grooming don't matter at all. You're much more likely to get your girlfriend to have sex with you if you smell nice, look good and appear reasonably clean.
  2. Look at your mirror. Want to know a little secret? Women judge your apartment more harshly than they judge you. Are there dishes in your sink? Strange stains on your counter? Toothpaste on your mirror? Pubic hairs on your bathroom floor? Various molds and mildews in your shower? These things turn women off faster than the idea of Carrot Top in a Speedo. If you can't afford to invest in a good cleaning service, invest in some serious elbow grease.
  3. Lay the groundwork. It's unlikely you'll get your girlfriend to have sex with you if you've been treating her like a booty call lately. If you've been neglecting her all week, even if it's for a legitimate reason like being insanely busy at work, don't expect her to be dying to sleep with you on Saturday night after you take her out to dinner and a movie. No matter how busy you are, you can find twenty minutes each evening to call your girlfriend and remind her that you care about her and you're interested in what happened to her that day. If you can't even find the time to do that, you shouldn't be in a relationship at all.
  4. Set the mood. Most women don't expect candles and rose petals, but a glass of wine, some romantic music and some decent conversation will go a long way toward getting your girlfriend to have sex with you.
  5. Foreplay, foreplay and then more foreplay. If you guys haven't had sex yet at all, the more time you invest in kissing, nibbling, stroking and petting, the easier it will be to get your girlfriend to finally have sex with you. But don't announce that it's foreplay. Let her think it's just a make-out session, just make it such an extraordinary make-out session that she's putty in your hands. If you guys have already been having sex for a long time, investing this kind of effort in foreplay will remind your girlfriend of what you were like in the beginning of your relationship, when you still had to seduce her. If you want your sex life to go back to what it was like in the beginning, you need to invest that kind of passion in it again.
  6. Know when to back off. Nothing is less sexy to your girlfriend than you pressuring her when she's already made it clear that she's not interested. Maybe she's stressed out, maybe she's tired, maybe she has religious issues about premarital sex. It doesn't matter. If you press the issue after she's put her foot down, it may be a very long time indeed before you ever get your girlfriend to have sex with you again.
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