How To Get Your Girlfriend To Masturbate For You

Knowing how to get your girlfriend to masturbate for you is a fantasy many guys have. How to get your girlfriend to masturbate for you is something is very important for those guys who would love to see it happen. Many girls are slightly nervous about masturbate in front of the guy they are dating or even married to, but it is possible with these steps that you may soon be enjoying an exciting show.

Supplies needed for this task: 

  • Your girlfriend/wife
  • Sex toys, oils and/or relaxing music
  1. Get her relaxed a bit. You can do this in several ways–stimulating her yourself will be a great help. After she is relaxed and horny, she may be a lot more willing to masturbate in front of you. This is the first step in how to get your girlfriend to masturbate for you and hopefully the only step you will need.
  2. Buy her the toys she needs. A great way to break past that barrier that may be up about masturbation is to buy her toys. Getting her something that she can use and telling her you would love to watch her could be the breakthrough you need. Have her tag along when you buy the toys or buy toys as a surprise. She may oblige you and you may have found the key to get your girlfriend to masturbate for you.
  3. Talk openly about your feelings and that you would love to watch. Nothing is more liberating to a nervous female than to hear her guy say that he would be okay with watching her masturbate. It could be something they feel guilty about doing on their own, but when you say its okay, it can be just what she needs to provide you a show.
  4. Start the process yourself. Begin the play by using toys on her. When she is getting really turned on, stop and hand her the toy. She will start masturbating and you will have the show you wanted.

Understand that at times it's all about the nerves a girl feels about masturbating. Don't press her if she seems to be really against it, but over time you may be able to talk her into masturbating in front of you.

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