How To Get Your Girlfriend Over Her Ex

Need to know how to get your girlfriend over her ex when she seems so distraught over it? Experiencing a break up is one of the worse things to overcome. When you meet a great girl who’s dealing with the emotions of a break up with her ex, you want to help her regain her trust. You are there to pick up the pieces and try and mend her broken heart. Even though helping your girlfriend get over her ex may not be an easy task to accomplish especially if it’s a fairly new break up.

  1. Patience. Right now your girlfriend has quite a bit of emotional baggage, but you’re already aware of that. Now you have to ask yourself is she worth the time and effort you will need to put in to help her get over her ex. If she is then you have to be caring and understanding when she is upset about her ex. Just wrap your strong arms around her and let her know you are there for her. She will start to feel secure bringing her closer to you and thinking less about her ex.
  2. Laughter. Laughter is truly good for the soul. You don’t have to be a comedian to make your girlfriend laugh. You definitely will get her mind off her ex. I’m sure she would rather be smiling and laughing than crying and sobbing. Take her to see a funny movie or a comedy hour, so she can have a few good laughs.
  3. Distractions. If your girlfriend is busy doing other things she won’t have time to think about her ex. Take a little weekend excursion or even a day trip somewhere nice. Be creative when planning your dates. Have a couple’s spa session together. Your girlfriend want be thinking about her ex when she is getting an invigorating massage to relieve the stress of the break up with her ex or even something as simple as a romantic picnic for two. Your girlfriend will be appreciative of your efforts to help her get over her ex. Just try avoid places she use to go to will her ex.
  4. Tolerant boyfriend. Let her really see what a great guy you are and that she is not missing out on anything with her ex. You may feel lucky, but show her how lucky she is to have such a caring and easy going boyfriend in her life. Her ex is a thing of the past, but you are the present and things can be great between the two of you, if she allows it to be.
  5. No sex. Don’t pressure your girlfriend for sex, but don’t cheat on her either. Right now is a difficult time for your girlfriend. Some days she’ll be up, some days she’ll be down and she may not be in the mood for sex. If you really care about her just give her a little time and you will eventually be rewarded.

It takes a great and indulging guy to be understanding about the situation your girlfriend is dealing with because of her ex. But if it goes on for too long you will need to eventually sit your girlfriend down and let her that you sympathize with her, but that she needs to start thinking about you and your new relationship. After all, it wouldn’t be fair to you if she continued to cry over her ex and expected you to be there to comfort her.

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