How To Get Your Girlfriend To Send You Dirty Pictures

Need to know how to get your girlfriend to send you dirty pictures? Well, my friend, we're here to help! Use these swift techniques and you'll get her good and ready to send you those kinky pictures in no time! 

  1. Turn her on by telling her how much you miss her. Every girl wants to be missed. Telling her you miss her and wish that she was with you "right now" is a great way to soften her guard and get her primed to give you what you want. 
  2. Ask her what she's wearing. Tell her what you're imagining her in or simply tell her you're curious as to what she's wearing. She might say something sarcastic and that's fine, but tell her you seriously want to know if she's wearing that pretty blue top that compliments her eyes or whether she's wearing your T-shirt while she's talking to you (which is equally as sexy). Ask her if she would mind sending you a picture to see what she's wearing—or a dirty picture to see what she's not wearing. 
  3. Mention how turned on you are by her. Tell her how turned on you are by her and how hot you feel. Tell her you wouldn't mind if she sent you a dirty picture of herself at the moment. If your girl is more prissy, then say "naughty" and tell her you want her to share her "bad girl" side with you. Telling your girlfriend that you want a dirty picture of her is a direct way to gauge her willingness. 
  4. Offer to trade pictures. "Baby, I'm so hard for you right now. Do you wanna see what I got?" Not so flowery and straight to the point, but this line can add an edge that has her ready to break down and show you her naughty side.
  5. Beg her seductively. Tell her she's got you hot and bothered and if she sends you a naughty picture you promise to be her love slave and go down on her for as long as she wants. As a matter of fact, if you even choose to skip straight to this step, this alone might work! Just be prepared to deliver. 
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