How to Get Your Girlfriend to Stop Eating Like a Model

How to Get Your Girlfriend to Stop Eating Like a Model may be a very relieving conversation to have with your girlfriend. But on the other hand, it also may be wise to use some discretion when first bringing about the topic. A lot of women have a misconception about how they must look in order to have men like them – sad, but true. Therefore, some of the best ways to try to encourage your girlfriend to stop eating like a rabbit (I mean model) are the following:

  1.   Bring up the topic in an intimate setting: Let your girlfriend know that she is adored as she is. The best way to do this is to compliment her with her clothes, on and off. Tell her what you love about her figure. 
  2. Compliments only: Never degrade your girlfriend's small or thin figure. If you wish she had more meat to hold on to, say something like: “I love you so much. I wish there was more of you to love” as you are kissing her all over.
  3. Tell her what your ideal women figure is:  Remember, if you want your girlfriend to gain weight, let her know honestly how you feel. Let her know that Kate Moss isn’t your ideal woman figure. Trust me, this could make a world of difference.
  4. Encourage her to eat something other than a salad: Let her know that it's no fun going out with her to restaurants when she only eats a salad. Let her know that you want to enjoy a special meal with her and that this is more important to you than seeing her ribs. Guys, please, always say this with love.  Let their be no sarcasm in this. For example, when you are about to order, ask her if she wants to share something with you (other than salad), if she declines say something like, “Babe, let's treat ourselves. Let's live a little. I would love to have a great meal with you and then go home and then have you for dessert.”
  5. Use Caution: Eating disorders are a very real and serious illness. Knowing this, if your girlfriend shows emotional distress when you mention this topic, use caution. She may have an issue that is larger than just her food consumption. If this is the case, you can ask her if she is ok and if she wants to talk about it. Don’t push her to eat, but let her know that you are there to support her when he is ready to get help.

So bottom-line: Love, compliment and express your desire for who she is. That’s all your girlfriend ultimately wants from you.


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