How To Get Your Girlfriend To Support You In Skateboarding

Want to know how to get your girlfriend to support you in skateboarding? This can be a tall order—women generally prefer their boyfriends to stay on solid ground—but with these techniques, your girlfriend will soon be rooting from the sidewalk.

  1. Be Safe. If your girlfriend knows you are taking the necessary safety precautions, she will probably feel less hostile toward your hobby. Explain your stopping techniques, and let her know you do this for fun, and that you know what you are doing.
  2. Invite Her Along. One reason your girlfriend may not be supportive of your skateboarding habit is that it takes you away from her. Skating can feel like a boy’s club, and your girlfriend may not know that she is welcome to come hang out with you and your friends when you go skate. Once it starts to feel like something you guys can do together, she will probably relax and go with the flow.
  3. Teach Her To Skate. Most girls never learn to skateboard, which is one reason they tend to be against it. She probably looks at you skating and thinks, “What’s the point?” Next time, bring her along, and tell her you want to give her a skateboarding lesson. Women may have a generally negative view of skateboarding, but they usually love a challenge. Tell her you know she would have fun if she gave it a try, and show her how to ride on an easy course (like a flat street with no traffic). Pretty soon she will be hogging your board, and you will have an entirely different problem. 
  4. Emphasize Creativity. Remind your girlfriend of the culture of skateboarding, compared with that of other sports. Skaters are a chill, artistic group. They are the kind of guys girls like.





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