How To Get Your Girlfriend Into A Vegas Swingers Club

Need to know how to get your girlfriend into a Vegas swingers club? Vegas swingers clubs are notorious for being highly exclusive. If you want to bring your girlfriend along for some Vegas-style fun, try a swingers club.

  1. Book ahead. You should try making a reservation for you and your girlfriend long before your Vegas getaway. Vegas swingers clubs book up fast. To ensure you can get your girlfriend into a swingers club in Vegas, get on the list.
  2. Dress to impress. If you want to get into a hot club, you have to look hot. Buy your girlfriend a sexy new dress and heels. Vegas is all about the glitz and the glamour. You and your girlfriend should both make an impression if you want to get into one of Las Vegas' swingers clubs.
  3. Line up early. If you are unable to get a reservation, stand in line. You are going to want to arrive early. Vegas clubs get very crowded. The earlier the better. As the night goes on, clubs become more exclusive. If you want to get your girlfriend into a swingers club with you, stand in line together.
  4. Have the cash. Vegas swingers clubs aren't free. Most swingers clubs in Sin City charge a hefty admission fee. Bring enough cash to cover you and your girlfriend.
  5. Get to know others. If all else fails, make some new friends. Get to know another couple who may be able to get you into the swingers club. They may know someone who knows someone who can get you guys on the top of the VIP list. You are in Vegas, live it up!
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