How To Get Your Hot Ex-Girlfriend Back

Figuring out how to get your hot ex-girlfriend back may have once been merely a fantasy. Simply following a few sure fire techniques will have your trading your reminiscent thoughts for your girlfriend in no time.

  1. Do not chase after her. Apparently if she is your ex-girlfriend there is a reason for that. You must practice self control by not calling her, sending multiple email's, showing up unexpectedly at places you know she will be. When you chase her you come off as being a pest. No one enjoys being harassed. If your ex-girlfriend is coming back to you, she has to do so by her own will.
  2. Work on you. Make a list of the strengths and qualities that attracted your ex-girlfriend to you. The key is to enhance these things. Take a few classes and develop some new interests if you must. Discover what you consider to be your greatest weaknesses and work on those. Take whatever your ex-girlfriend complained about and work on those things as well. If she complained about you not spending enough time with her. Learn what it is that interests her most and plan to implement those things into your relationship once you get your ex-girlfriend back.
  3. Rid yourself of all negative emotions. Often times a break-up brings with it a lot of negativity regarding the other person. It is imperative that you rid yourself of these emotions before getting back with your ex-girlfriend. Find a way of purging yourself of these emotions and then move on with a clean slate for you and your ex-girlfriend. People are drawn to people with positive attitudes.
  4. Appreciate the positive things in your life. Learn to embrace gratitude. Do so by learning to appreciate all the positive things that happen in your life. Wake up every morning recognizing the positive things. When you are confronted by your ex-girlfriend she will be met by the new positive you, as opposed to an embittered you.
  5. Be open to dating. Practice being sociable again. This does not mean you have to jump into dating every girl you can. It simply means you can accept social invites. When your ex-girlfriend sees you, she will realize that you have your act together and functioning out of a more positive place in life 
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