How To Get Your Rockband Drums Fixed

If you need find how to get your Rockband drums fixed, you have a couple different options. If you are one of the millions of Rockband fans out there, chances are your game is getting a lot of use. We all know that when something is used often, sooner or later it is bound to break. Rockband drums are no exception. When your Rockband drums need to be fixed, don't panic.

In order to get your Rockband drums fixed, you will need:

  • Rockband drum kit
  • Box and postage
  • Screwdriver


  1. The most convenient way to have your Rockband drums fixed is to send them to the manufacturer for repair. Unfortunately, this only works if your equipment is still under warranty. A standard manufacturer's warranty is one year. Stores will usual offer the option of purchasing an extended warranty. If your Rockband drum is not protected, there are other ways to have it fixed.
  2. Try repairing the drum yourself. The most common problem is with the pads. Unsnap the drum pads. The yellow pad does not come off as easily. You will need to use a small screwdriver to remove the screws. Strip away a bit of the plastic covering the wires. Use electrical tape to tape them to the sensors. If this does not work, the sensor are most likely bad. You can order replacement sensors. Sometimes the pedal breaks. All you need to do is order a new pedal and install it following the instructions.
  3. If you prefer not to do the work yourself, you can ship the drums to a private party for repair. Make sure you read the business reviews and add insurance to the package.
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