How To Get Your Sims Promoted Faster

If you love to play the Sims, you might be wondering how to get your Sims promoted faster. Getting a promotion at work means getting more money for your Sims. Then you can go and purchase all the goodies that you desire to improve your game. There are a few things that you can do to improve the chances that your Sims wills get a promotion at work.

  1. Make plenty of friends. Just like in real life, having plenty of friends gives you the chance to do some networking for your job. Choose to talk about work to friends and you might see a promotion soon.
  2. Go to work feeling great. Make sure that all your life bars are in the green before you go to work so that you can get your Sims promoted. If your Sims go to work happy, they will perform better at work.
  3. Work on your skills. Use your free time to read books which have to do with your skill areas. By working on your skills at home, your Sims can gain a promotion at work.
  4. Work from home. You can use your home computer to have your Sims work from home. This typically vastly increases your chances to get your Sims promoted faster. The boss will notice all the extra time being put into the job.

Doing these things can help you to get your Sims promoted so that they can make more money in the game. Once your Sims start doing well at work, there's no telling what they can accomplish in life.

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