How To Get Your Skydiving Certification

If you are interested in skydiving without supervision, you should learn about how to get your skydiving certification. Getting your skydiving certification requires that you master all of the procedures involved in skydiving. You will need to demonstrate altitude awareness, control of your parachute, knowledge of the required equipment, and self-sufficiency. Here are the basic steps to getting certified in skydiving.

  1. Complete a tandem jump. In order to get your skydiving certification, you must complete a jump with another (certified) skydiver. You will be attached to the harness of another experienced skydiver. He or she will be responsible for navigating your landing, opening the parachute, and dealinging with the other equipment and procedures necessary for skydiving safely. This way you can just get used to the feeling of jumping without having to remember anything else.
  2. Complete 25 jumps. In order to qualify for your United States Parachute Association (USPA) license, you will need to skydive a minimum of 25 times. There are many different flying schools, with different training methods, which offer training for people who want to become certified in skydiving.  The average student needs five to ten tandem skydives from different “drop zones” in order to jump without supervision. Some skydiving schools use “static line” methods where the student makes all jumps alone while the instructor supervises from the aircraft.
  3. Demonstrate skydiving competency. In addition to jumping out of the plane, you need to demonstrate knowledge and skill in every aspect of skydiving. You will need to know how to control the canopy, pack your equipment, and respond appropriately in the event of an emergency. You will learn these skills in “ground school” at most skydiving schools.
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