How To Get Your W-2 Forms Online For Free

At tax time have you ever wondered how to get your W-2 forms online for free? Are you tired of waiting to file your income tax return because your employer is slow about sending W-2 forms to employees? W-2 eXpress may be your answer.

W-2 eXpress is an online service designed for big employers that distribute thousands of W-2 forms annually. Many of America’s top companies use the services of W-2 eXpress. Check with your employer to see if your W-2 is available online. If so, complete the following steps to receive an instant copy of your W-2 form.

  1. Visit the W-2 eXpress website. In the search bar of your favorite search engine, type the following phrase: "W-2 eXpress." Use quotes around the phrase for a more accurate search. W-2 eXpress should appear among the top search results. Click on the name to enter the website.
  2. Login to your account. Locate the login box on the W-2 eXpress home page. The purple box is located on the right side of the page. Enter your employer’s name or code and click "Go." Next, enter your user ID and PIN. This will be personal, secure information such as your social security number. Click "Continue." When you have successfully logged in, the service will direct you to the main menu.
  3. Consent for online delivery. Before you can print your W-2 form, you must give your consent for security reasons. From the main menu, select "Consent For Online Delivery." Follow the steps presented on the screen to confirm your information and acknowledge your consent.
  4. View and print your W-2 form. After you consent to online delivery, you have several options. You can request an original W-2 form, get a reprint of your W-2 form or correct an error on your W-2 form. Select the service you require and follow the instructions on the screen. Use the Acrobat Reader print icon to print your form. Using the internet browser print option may result in an invalid print of the document.
  5. Demos and tutorials. W-2 eXpress offers a number of demos and tutorials to further assist you in viewing and printing your W-2 form. Flash Player and Adobe Reader must be installed on your computer to use these features. Downloads are available from the W-2 eXpress "Products and Services" page.
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