How To Get Your Wife To Love You Again

Figuring out how to get your wife to love you again may not be as hard as you may think. Women are very loving and caring beings and they don’t fall out of love as quickly as the opposite sex do, they just may get a little bored and upset with the lack of attention they are getting from their husbands. You just have to rediscover what made you and your wife fall in love in the first place and rekindle all those old feelings and discover some new ones. If you truly want your wife to love you again even more than she did before. Then you will follow these suggestions.

  1. Start showing your wife the attention that you may have neglected to do. Wives spend countless hours each day making themselves look irresistible for their husbands. They want to feel desired and appreciated. Start showing more interest in your wife and things that are really important to her; communication is key.

  2. Let your wife see you are  trying to make changes in the marriage that needs improvement. If there is something she needs to improve on than she will be more eager, if she sees she is not the only one trying to make and effort in making the relationship grow.

  3. Pay your wife compliments. Tell your wife how beautiful she is even when she’s not all made up. Let her know how attracted you still are to her even if she has put on a little weight, just more of her to love. One thing wives never get tired of receiving is compliments from their husbands.

  4. The simple things in life truly are free. There is nothing wrong with sending your wife a dozen roses while she’s at work, to be the envy of all the ladies at work who wishes there husband’s were as wonderful as hers. However, you may not realize how far a sweet note, a thoughtful text message saying “I love you” will get you. Let your wife see that side that made her fall in love with you.

  5. If you are not an affectionate person, learn to express your affectionate side with your wife. Don’t always wait for her to kiss you, surprise her with a long passionate kiss or a short and sensual one. If she asked what was that for, just say it was long over do or just because I love you.

  6. It’s time to start being creative if you want to regain your wife’s love. Send your wife and invitation for a night on the town, wives love it when there husband’s put in that extra effort. Try somewhere new. Unless she has a favorite place that she hasn’t been to in awhile and would be thrilled to visit. I’m sure she’ll be happy you remembered.

  7. Last but definitely not least is the intimacy part of the relationship. The next time you make love to your wife don’t think about your needs think about hers. Quickies are nice, but sometimes something planned is just as exciting. Light a few candles, have soft music playing, a nice massage “whisper sweet nothings in her ear.” Show her all the passion you have for her, don’t rush into sex. The anticipation of making love to you will heightening the pleasure she will feel once you do make love to her.

Couples tend to take each other for granted; especially when they have been together for some time and there hectic lives combined with the kid’s busy schedules has made it more of a chore than a pleasure to make time for one another. It's time to start putting each others needs first. I do advise to be honest and don’t start something you know you want or be able to maintain to get your wife to love you again, only to fall back into old patterns. Because keeping up with all the things you was doing to woo your wife has become too hard to keep up. Just be yourself and show your wife a little “TLC” and in no time you will see your wife is starting to love you again.

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