How To Get Your Woman To Spank You

If you like a little rough sex play, at some point, you might be wondering how to get your woman to spank you. Since not everyone is comfortable with this type of sex play, you will want to be careful about how you bring up the subject. If the two of you already enjoy playing it a little rough, getting her to spank you may not be as difficult as you think. Here are a few ways to talk to your lady about a little punishment:

  • Do it Like Porn Stars. Choose some porn to watch that has some rough sex play and spanking. Before you watch the movie, tell your woman that you would like to try to recreate a couple of the scenes. Once she's aroused and she realizes that you like that kind of thing, she might be willing to make a go of it.
  • Role Playing. A great way to get your woman to spank you is with a little role playing. If you don't usually role play with your lady, tell her how hot it would be if she dressed up like a teacher. During sex play, tell her what a bad boy you've been and that you need to be punished. She might just take it from there.
  • Toys. Take a trip to the sex toy shop and do a little bit of looking around. Spend a while looking at various paddles and ask her if she likes any of them. If she says that she does, go for it! You can even shop without her and bring home a few light sex play toys such as feathers and a small paddle. Set them out beside the bed before sex and ask her to use them on you.

If your lady is not the aggressive type, she might actually enjoy the role reversal that spanking you would create. Careful, though, that by getting your woman to spank you, you don't create a monster. As with any kind of sex play, be sure to set up a safe word before engaging in any kind of rough and tumble sexual acts.

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